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*ship Startup Festival


Road to *ship

Road to *ship has been the accelerator connceted to *ship Startup Festival. The aim of Road to *ship is to provide an opportunity for students to meterialize and develop a concept around their idea.

Boom and Stage

Startup Boom is a 1 day event during which we invite local entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs to inspire and spark idea generation amongst the audience. Stages on the other hand, are quaterly afternoon events where you can join us for 2-3 hours, learn and take part in a workshop around a specific topic.


*ship Startup Festival is the biggest startup event in South-Eastern Finland. Organized since 2015, *ship has annually brought together 30 international mentors and over 100 starting entrepreneurs.

*ship is a two-day event for pre-and early-stage startups, including networking, mentoring program, and a pitching competition for 50 teams with the main prize of 5000 €.

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