Xamk Startup Fund, Round 6: 500-1000€ grants for developing ideas

Do you have an idea or projects, which need some funds to get started with?
Apply for support from Xamk Startup Fund!

The purpose of Xamk Startup Fund is to support student entrepreneurship, student-run startups, and students’ projects with business potential. Startup Fund gives out funding as one-time-based grants to promising ideas. Grants are given in a range of 500-1000 euros, which are intended for testing and development of the idea. Grants are given based on a written application. Xamk Startup Fund conducts the application process together with Xamk’s student entrepreneur society PatteriES. The applicant is committed to develop the idea, report the results and present the progress if asked by Xamk or other financiers.

Criteria for funding are:

  • The applicant is a student in Xamk or the team has other ties to Xamk.
  • The idea is new, interesting and it has business potential.
  • The application is a concise and goal-directed plan and it describes how the grant will be used.

Xamk Startup Fund application period 6: Open 20.5.-20.9.2021 Evaluation and decisions 20.10.2021 at the latest

All accepted receivers of the grants will be published on PatteriES website and social media. All materials are treated confidentially. No details of the idea will be shared to third parties.

Fill your application at: Application now closed and we will notify the applicants about the results within the next month

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