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The Patteri Path is about linking all our talented Patteri members, great teachers, awesome mentors, and job opportunities into one approachable path.

Startup Festival

The coolest Startup Festival!

It connects the next generation of entrepreneurs with mentors and annually 50 startups compete for 5000€ main prize.


Join the accelerator!

If you have an already existing idea but are unsure of where to go next, join the accelerator and we will help you validate the idea and guide you forward in the process.

Why Us

How we do it

Idea generation

We create multiple events throughout the year where you can get inspired, learn more about a certain topic, and find the motivation to develop your idea further. These events are free of charge and take place 2 times a year.

Road to *ship

Creating the MVP and Testing the idea

During the Road to *ship  accelerator, you can test and validate your idea with our help. You will have the chance to meet experts who can support your development further. Furthermore, we will also help you create tangible products that can be used for testing.

*ship Startup Festival

Pitching for grateness

At *ship, you will get the chance to get further assistance from experts and also to pitch your idea in front of investors. The winner of the Pitch Captain Competition is awarded 5000 Euros.


What's new

About Us

Who we are

At Patteri ES our main goal is to support entrepreneurs within the Kymmenlaakso Region. We support individuals and teams at the early stage level. If you have an idea but not sure how to develop it, send us a message.

We are the decisive factor behind your success.

Throuhgout the activites you get help and access to a wide network of professionals who operate in different nations. With the different events, you will be able to learn about concepts that will further support your development.

Our team consist of volunteers and dedicated individuals who are ready to “make things happen” . If you wnat to join the team send us an email at or reach out via the contact form. 

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